Masturbation is one activity that can be enjoyed when the spears, but rarely are willing to discuss openly with friends or even a doctor.
This is related to the views of people who do Masturbation rate taboo. This taboo is also the view that most parents provide sex education for their children.

Most people may be taboo to discuss Masturbation, but still do so until the parents. Unfortunately, myths circulating misleading questions Masturbation is, for example, health-related sperm. Never heard Masturbation can do to affect sperm quality? Now, let’s find out Masturbation is a matter of the prevailing myths and myth-around.

Is often do Masturbation bad for health? The answer is not. Throughout the performance Masturbation is not possible or take over routine tasks in your life, do not need to worried. Masturbation will not lower the passions make or cause health problems. However, too enthusiastically in the Masturbation can cause fatigue and do it too often can create feelings of guilt. Masturbation do periodically, especially if the pair are far from you, can-can. However, do not forget to always interact socially with other people, not driven to do Masturbation to forget time.

If you realize too obsessed with Masturbation indicated that interfere with the performance and personal relationship that began damaged, this is when reviewing your behavior and speech on psychologists to find out the root of the problem.

Masturbation affect whether the number of sperm? Seriously crazy is the result of Masturbation and there is no difference with a seriously crazy because penetration with the pair. So the number of sperm that come out the same. The frequency of sexual activity does not cause a decrease in male fertility. Male fertility is not determined at least many sperm, but rather by the ‘seasons’ sperm to the egg cell.

Masturbation can cause health problems? This splitting. There is a Masturbation can cause blindness, hair fall, to cancer cells. In fact, Masturbation fact beneficial for the health of men. Disposal sensation when the facilities are seriously crazy release stress naturally and used as a weapon to sleep soundly for some men.

Masturbation clinical evidence indicates can reduce the headache (migraine) and other types of headaches. And if health benefits, such as it is not enough for you, recent studies show that often do Masturbation, say, seven times per week, can reduce the potential for the development of prostate cancer. Cite the benefits of healthy fun way.

What is seriously crazy can be called normal if the little blood? This case is called hematospermia derived from the Latin language to explain the blood in the sperm, is a common occurrence in men in all ages. According to the general discussion, this is a reflection of inflammation that is not dangerous from the seminal vesicle. male under the age of 40 usually have no problems this time, or only a few are experiencing them. Usually this will recover by themselves if there are no other problems were more severe. However, if the sperm contain blood lasts more than several weeks, to visit a doctor immediately. However, if couples aged above 40 years of experience and sperm fever cases, he requested to see a doctor to find out the cause, because of cancer or other infections.

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