When several places in Java the drought happen this year, South Kalimantan had rain, even at the end of May 2008 regional of Asam-Asam Tanah Laut is a flood. Rainfall occurs continuously during the last week in the Jorong rain observation post. The daily maximum rainfall of 120 mm was recorded (tgl. 26 May) and 121 mm (tgl.30 May) caused flooding in the area. Meanwhile, in Java, many reservoirs began to dwindle because  of beginning of the dry season coming earlier this year.

Is the climate has changed?

If we see as Climatology in the general area of South Kalimantan and Java, have a similar pattern of rainfall that is the type of monsoons. This type has a peak rainfall in December / January and August the minimum. The rainy season generally lasts November to May, while the dry season between June / July to October.

The nature of rain and qualitative indicators show that rainfall in the area of South Kalimantan on the period of June’s September 2008 general in Above of the Normal (AN). This means that rainfall deviate more positive 15% of the average. Extent said the region received above normal rainfall during the period was around 70%, meaning that most of this region kemaraunya wet season. While in many places in Java nature of dry season is Below Normal (BN) so many droughts occur.Analysis of the dynamics of the atmosphere

Analysis of the dynamics of the atmosphere

There are several possibilities anomaly dry season this year, including:

  1. The emergence of Eddy (draft circular shaped ellips) around the Karimata strait, causing wind patterns in South Kalimantan tend Convergent (collect) so easily happen rain.
  2. Sea temperatures are relatively warm waters around the South Kalimantan, Strait of Makassar or the East Java Sea.
  3. Global influence:
    • The South oscillation Value Index (Difference in air pressure Tahiti-Darwin x 10) worth positive average +4.8 during the month of June to September 2008.
    • Temperature Anomalies in the Pacific Ocean Front equator (Nino3.4) worth negative average -0.25 during the month of June to September 2008.

Climatology Agency of Banjarbaru – Kalimantan Selatan